The temperature had been going up last week and we are expected to have a heatwave from this weekend.  Having said that, the humidity is low and the highest temperature is only 26C or 27C here, so it is very comfortable in the shade and not that uncomfortable inside the house, although it is very uncomfortably hot if you stand directly under the sun.  We cannot sleep without the aircon on days like this but the majority of the houses in England don’t have airconditoning so I’m guessing many people are sleeping with the windows of their bedrooms open.  We tried that a few times when it wasn’t as hot as now but we don’t want to pull up the window blind as it gets bright very early, but with it down not much of the breeze comes in.  We are so glad we have aircon.  It’s expected to go up to 28C but that seems to be the highest around here, which doesn’t seem too bad as long as we are at home.  However, in London it’s over 30C, and is expected to go up as high as 34C in a week or so.  Big cities tend to get hotter.


Although I really hate getting hot, when the humidity is this low it is very comfortable in the shade and it’s lovely to open up all the doors of the kitchen to the patio (though sliding doors would have been even nicer).


I think lots of English people have a pre-drink like gin & tonic, specially on weekends.  We in general don’t have pre-drinks unless we have guests, but when the weather is like this and we have the doors of the kitchen open to the patio like this, somehow we tend to have pre-drinks, maybe this puts us in the mood of being on a holiday.  I have a feeling we’ll be having a gin & tonic later.




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