Moroccan Chicken Tagine & Jewelled Rice


We thought it was going to be better weather today than it was, it was very windy and cloudy most of the time even though it didn’t rain.

今日は、フランスパンを買いに行くショーラムの「La Patisserie」に行って軽いランチを食べて、フランスパンとタルトを買ってきました。毎回書いてはいませんが、1、2ヶ月に1度行っています。駐車場からお店に行く途中教会の敷地を通りますが、もうすっかり冬模様でした。少しずつ気温が下がってはいますが、まだ今年は比較的暖かい気がします。

We went to “La Patisserie” in Shoreham, had a light lunch and bought French Bread and tarts.  I don’t write about it every time when we go there but I think we go there once in every one or two months mainly to get French Bread but also to have a nice sandwiches and some tarts.  When we walk from the car park to the shop, we walk thorough a church yard and it looked quite wintery today.  Although the temperature is getting down I think it’s still warm for this time of year here so far.




Today’s dinner was Moroccan Chicken Tagine  from the freezer that we cooked a little while ago – recipe links are in the linked blog post – with Persian Jewelled Rice.  There wasn’t as much tagine as I thought so we served them with carrots salad (with a sprinkle of cinnamon) and garlic flavoured tender stem broccoli.






I also did some dead-heading and weeding for an hour or so, I hadn’t done it for probably longer than a week because I either didn’t have time or the weather was too wet.  Not that a lot of weeds are coming out or growing very fast this time of year but they do still come out and I want them to be under control.

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