Chinese Dinner In Arundel

今日は午後3時からフランス菓子教室のズームレッスンがあったので、夕食はアランデルに食べに出ました。以前から気になっていた中華料理のお店「China Palace」。

I had my French Baking Class on Zoom from 3:00pm, so we went out for dinner (as I knew I would be tired).  We’ve been wanting to try the Chinese restaurant in Arundel, “China Palace”, so that’s where we went.




Prawn crackers that you get when you first sit at the table were very nice, not greasy at all, and slightly sweet.


Peking Style Spring Rolls.  We asked the staff who came to take our order what Peking style was and he told us they are very small and the filling is vegetables.  They were so small that we weren’t able to identify the filling but they were very crispy, not oily, and very enjoyable.


Things went downhill from here.


Chicken & Cashew Nuts.  It had bamboo shoots and water chestnuts as well.  Chicken is normally cut quite small for Chicken & Cashew Nuts but these pieces were quite large, maybe 6 times of usual.  The sauce was … very unusual and not to my taste.



We asked the staff if “Tofu stir-fried with chillis” is similar to Mapo Tofu and his answer was “No, very different.  We don’t serve real Chinese food here, we make it to suit western people.  If you want real Chinese you have to go to a big town.”  We tried it anyway.  The tofu was fried-tofu but again very different from what I’ve ever had in my life, I couldn’t eat it because it tasted really odd, my husband didn’t like it either. The sauce wasn’t to our liking either.


Sweet & Sour Pork, which was much better than the above 2 dishes.  The pork was nice and crispy, but sadly it tasted too gamy to me.  The sauce was so-so, so I ate the vegetables.  I suppose it wasn’t too far from real sweet and sour pork but much more ketchupy.



It looks like I forgot to take a photo of the Prawns with Chilli dish but it looked very much like the Sweet & Sour pork.  It was one of the better ones but tasted of chilli sauce from a bottle.


We shared a bowl of rice.



We weren’t expecting it to be excellent, but we were hoping it to be about 60 points out of 100 comparing to a so-so place in Hong Kong, but it was more like 30 points, 40 points at most.  The staff says very openly that it isn’t real Chinese food, and it isn’t.  I don’t think we’ll return.




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