French Patisserie Lesson (Gateau Aux Marrons & Verrines Aux Marrons 2022

今日は午後3時から、ズームによる今月のフランス菓子教室(Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru)のレッスンでした。今日教えていただいたのは、

I took this month’s French Baking Class on Zoom this afternoon.  What I baked are:

*Gateau Aux Marrons (マロンのケーキ)
*Verrines Aux Marrons 2022 (マロンのグラスデザート 2022年バージョン)


  • Chestnut Cake
  • Glass Dessert of Chestnut


The cake has chestnut flour, walnuts & chestnuts.  The base is sablee and the top is crumble with chestnut flour and walnuts. The cake dough also has chestnut flour and chestnuts and it’s moist and soft.  We went out for dinner and after getting home we had a glass dessert each and a very small piece of this cake, both yummy.



Here, I found many of walnuts were rancid already when they were just bought.  Also I didn’t used to like walnuts as I often find them bitter and too oily.  However, when I bought them in shells and cracked them just before eating, I found them not very bitter and not too oily, much more enjoyable.  Unfortunately, I’ve found many rancid ones even when I buy them in shells so last night I checked them by cracking them open and trying 1/4 of each, I found about 20% rancid.  When nuts or oil are rancid, I cannot eat it, I find them so awful, so I had to check all of them, and am glad I did.


Incidentally, we used to use a traditional nut cracker made of metal, the type where you put a walnut between 2 long thin bars.  It didn’t work very well for us, we used to break the nuts in lots of pieces.  However, this type works very well, you can crack them with much less force and they break nicely in only 2 pieces in many cases.



These are the chestnut glass dessert.s. Although I was very careful not to, I over whipped the Chantilly cream a little so it doesn’t look very nice, but it tasted yummy.  The bottom layer is tea flavoured panna cotta, then milk tea jelly, then tea jelly with lots of walnut, then chestnut flavoured whipped cream, cocoa powder, then marron glacé.


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