Embroidery Gathering

昨日は午後から刺繍グループの集まりがあり、お隣のお友達と集まりがあるパブ「The Swan Hotel」でランチをしてから集まりに参加しました。ランチの写真は撮り忘れたのですが、お友達が少食でこのパブのサンドイッチはボリュームタップリなので、クラブサンドを半分ずつしました。チップス(フライドポテト)もついてくるので少食ではないわたしでもちょうど良い量でした。

I had lunch with my next-door neighbour friend at “The Swan Hotel” in Arundel because we were going to join the Embroidery Group gathering there.  I forgot to take a photo but we shared Club Sandwiches because this friend tends to eat small portions and the sandwiches at this pub are quite large.  It also comes with some chips so a half was enough even for me.


Although this group is called Creative Embroidery, it’s more like Handicraft Group, one of the members was working on her patchwork and I’ve seen some others also working on patchwork before.  I stitched a couple of parts for cards, they are small embroidery hoops and look quite cute once they are assembled.




As I had lunch with my friend, my husband had lunch at the pub near us – Fish & Chips – and he was still full in the evening so we just had some toast, so no dinner blog.


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