My 2nd Embroidery


Here is my second embroidery kit completed, I’d forgotten to blog it.  They are mainly 3D embroidery stitches, some of them were quite difficult, especially the bullion stitches, which are often used for roses.  You put threads round and round around the needle, then you pull the needle off.  All the ‘how to’ videos I watched on youtube showed you do that about 10 times but the instruction of this kit says 30 times!  It was very hard to pull the needle off then shape them nicely.  In the end I just did about 10 times instead, which was easier but was still not easy.





I already have my 3rd embroidery kit but I haven’t started it yet.  I did the first and the second kits as a practice but I would like the third one to be made into a cushion cover so I would like it look good – so I haven’t been able to start!  Once I start I cannot stop which gives me very hard shoulders so I needed a rest anyway.


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