We had many anemone bulbs the year before last year, but not many came out last year.  We had purple ones planted but for some reason one pink one came out.  As I wanted more anemone, I had 10 pink ones planted last year but not all of them came out this year, I think only about a half did.  I would like more of them so I think I’ll plant more this year.  We were quite disappointed with the snowdrops this year as we had planted so many.  Also, I just realised that we had planted 2 kinds of crocuses but one of them (we put in 300 of them!)  didn’t come out at all!  So disappointing.


Still, the anemones that came out this year are looking good and there are quite a lot in bloom now so I cut some to put in a little vase.  Our next door neighbour has some anemones in their front garden and one of them is very pale purple with darker purple from the centre towards the outside with graduation, they look very pretty so I thought I would get them this year but I haven’t found them online.  I also know that there are some multi-layered ones and would love to have them but again I haven’t found them online.  I think in general there are many different kinds of one plant available in Japan than here in my experience (not that I bought any in Japan but I do see them online) although I guess it depends on what sort of a plant.  I guess that isn’t surprising because they do put a  lot of effort on researching to develop something new or something better in every industry in Japan.



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