Madeleine & Coffee Morning


There was a coffee morning gathering at my next door neighbour friend’s – just 3 of us – so I baked the raspberry madeleine that we made the other day again.  As the recipe says ‘rest the batter at least for an hour in the fridge’ I sort of assumed that it’ll be OK to let it rest overnight and I made the batter in the late afternoon yesterday and baked them this morning.  I thought I could taste raspberries more when we baked first time, maybe it’s to do with letting it rest longer?  Still they were very nice and I think my friends liked them, too.   I baked 12 of them as I wanted to take 6 to my friends and it was easy to do.   The only mistake I made is that I didn’t turn them upside down when I took them out of the tin, so funny wire lines are made on the surface.







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