Spanish Pork

土曜日に夫が作ってくれたディナーは、Delia Smith のスペイン風ポークの煮込みでした。これも多分結婚して間のない頃から作っている夫の得意料理。ポークをオリーブやタマネギやパプリカと缶トマトとで煮たもの。わたしがご飯と食べるのが好きなので、ご飯も盛り付けてくれました。いつものように、美味しかったです。

The dinner on Saturday my husband cooked was “Spanish Pork” from Delia Smith’s recipe book.  It’s slow-cooked pork with olives, onion & pepper (we used red pepper although her recipe uses green) and tinned tomatoes.  I love rice with this so he gives me some.  It was very good as usual.



On Sunday, my husband was exhausted after a half marathon, lunch with the company people, going out again to buy tree lights then decorating the tree, and so he didn’t feel like cooking.  I would have cooked something if he’d told me earlier but it was too late by the time he did, so we just had a cheese-on-toast with some onion, tomato & Branston Pickles and some Japanese La France Pear for a dessert.

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