Card Making



A friend came to make Christmas cards this afternoon and made 4.  She’s had 3 card making session this month in between her busy schedule.

I made 4 of the same card as well.  It’s funny how it takes me a long time until I get going with Christmas card making and just when I start to feel like making more and more I don’t need to make them any more.  Maybe I should make some for next year now.





Every year, new Christmas stamps and dies come out in the market and all the lovely cards I see on blogs want me to use them, but sadly they seldom arrive in time for me to use for Christmas cards that year because I have to purchase them from the US.  Then the following year I either forget what sort of cards I intended to make using those stamps and dies or I want to make “current” cards.

The stamp and die we used for this card are one of few that came out early in the season so I was able to purchase them in time.  I do wish they start selling  more Christmas stamps and dies in September and October so I can get hold of them before it’s too late.

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