Christmas Decoration


We arrived safely from Sri Lanka this morning.  The flight is about 4 hours and it departed after 1.00am so we slept only for a couple of hours.  Although the time difference is only 2.5 hours and we hardly noticed it when we went to Sri Lanka, it feels as if we have  jet-lag – which is really just lack of sleep I guess.  It feels as if we’ve been back for a few days already.


Like last year, we were away for Christmas Day so my husband will be cooking our Christmas Dinner tomorrow – so today is our Christmas Eve and tomorrow is our Christmas Day. 


Japanese put Christmas decorations away as soon as Christmas Day is gone (or maybe even on Christmas Day because they celebrate it on Christmas Eve) and they find it strange to see Christmas decorations after Christmas Day, but we keep ours for 12 days after Christmas according to British tradition.

香港では毎年何かしらクリスマスの飾りを買っていましたが、シンガポールではなかなか素敵なクリスマスの飾りを見つけられず、たまに見つけてもうちのものと合わなくてこの数年はほとんど飾りは増えていません。今年は 久しぶりにちょこっと買いました。Crate & Barrel で見つけた木のお家やツリーの飾り。平たいので収納にもそう困りません。一緒に飾っているのは、去年お友達にいただいた素敵なドイツのクリスマスの飾り、クリスマスピラミッド。木で出来た飾りがこのクリスマスピラミッドだけだったので、一緒に飾ると良さそうだなと購入してみましたら、しっくり。お友達とのクリスマスパーティーの時に出していたのに、ロウソクに火をつけて回すのをすっかり忘れてしまっていました。ドイツらしくて愛らしいのです。

I used to buy one or two new Christmas decoration(s) every year in Hong Kong because I always found some lovely things but here I seldom see anything nice, and when I do they don’t go with our decor, so I’ve hardly bought anything new since we moved to Singapore.  However, I did buy a couple of pieces of Christmas decorations in Crate & Barrel this year – they are made of wood and pack flat so are convenient for storing.  I have this beautiful “Christmas Pyramid” from Germany that my friend sent to me but it looked a little lonely as that’s the only wooden decoration we have.  I thought these wooden decorations of houses and trees would go nicely with it and they do seem to have worked well together.







So, we just started to feel a little Christmassy!








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