Dan Dan Noodles




I always liked staying home and was never someone who was out often, but since I came to Singapore, I go out even less.  I used to enjoy browsing in shops, so now and again I would go out just to browse and maybe do some shopping if I found some things I like, both in Japan and in Hong Kong. In Singapore though I don’t seem to see much that I want.  Shopping malls are all the same and shops are mostly the same, too, so unless I have lunch appointment I tend to stay home during the day.  However, I do sometimes have a quick lunch and browse shops after going to my hair dresser.  Today was one of those days so I had Dan Dan Noodles in Crystal Jade.  There are many different styles of Dan Dan noodles, but I love Dan Dan noodles whatever the form.

One problem with Dan Dan noodles (and many other noodles) is that I almost always get some stains on my clothes, even when I eat it very slowly being extra careful – and I got some today…



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