Black Bean Soup & Goat Cheese Salad

今日から2月。ということは、Dry January は終了したのでお祝いに飲むつもりだったのにお酒がないのにすっかり慣れてしまって忘れてしまいました。まぁ、今日の食事はワインがなくてもそれほど残念な食事でもなかったのですが。

It’s February today so “Dry January” is finished.  I was thinking of drinking wine to celebrate at dinner, but I’ve got so used to not thinking about wine that I forgot it completely!  Oh well.


Tonight It was Soup & Salad.  The soup was Black Bean Soup that I learned at a cooking class.  I guess it’s sort of Mexican – flavoured with cumin and a little spicy.






I wanted to use the goat cheese I bought the other day so I made a salad of grilled goat cheese (on slices of baguette), apple, grape & sliced toasted almonds.  Some juicy figs would be so wonderful here but were not available.







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