Watercolour Practice

Online Card Class というオンラインのカード作りのクラスがあるのですが、この何年か水彩画を取り入れたカードが流行っているため Watercolor for Card Makers (カード作りのための水彩画)というクラスが出来ました。少し前に初級のクラスがあり、先週は中級クラスが行われていて、わたしも申し込んでいました。

There are some series of “Oneline Card Classes” that I’ve been taking.  In the last few years watercolouring has been very popular amongst card makers, so they now have 2 classes for ‘Watercolor for Card Makers’ – one for beginners and one Intermediate Techiniques, which was on last week.  (You can take their classes any time.)


I have no real talent for drawing or painting but I know you are able to paint up to certain level if someone teaches you – I took classes in Hong Kong and it made me realise almost anybody can paint.  However, it is very hard to follow something online.  When the instructor paints, it looks very easy but when I try it’s far from it.

いつもフォローしているJennifer McGuireさんは自分は絵は描けないけれど、この描き方なら簡単と教えてくださったお花、見ていると自分もできそうと思うのですが、これがなかなか。。。何度も何度も描いてみましtが全部ゴミ箱入りでした(涙)。でも、紙を変えてみたら、いきなりそれまでよりずっとましになりました。紙の種類や質が大事なのは先生も何度も強調されていましたし自分でもわかっているつもりでしたが、水彩がの良い紙はとても高価なので、練習だからと比較的安価な紙で練習していたのです。やっぱり紙は大事。

Jennifer McGuire, whose Card Making blog I follow was one of the guest instructors and she says she cannot paint but she has found a way that she can get some good results.  Again it looked very easy when she did but didn’t go so well when I tried!  I tried to paint the flower many times on one large sheet but none of them looked nearly as nice as hers and the sheet went in the bin.

Then I tried using a different type of paper – and it looked quite different from the results painted on the first paper. It actually did look closer to what Jennifer had painted.  The instructor emphasised how important paper is, and I knew it was from my own experience, but I was using less good paper because I wanted to practice and not waste the good stuff. After all, I thought, it’s only a small flower – it can’t be that different.  Well, it was!  It really made quite a big difference because the flowers suddenly became less flat and looked not-too-bad.  Paper is really important.






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