Handmade Cards


Already one month has gone this year!


After Christmas and New Year, we celebrate Chinese New Year here in Singapore  (even more so in Hong Kong).  International schools and Japanese school students have school holidays for Chinese New Year and there is a big sale going on in the stores.  Somehow we feel unsettled until Chinese New Year finishes.


Today, a friend came to make cards.  She made 4 cards first, then 2 more because it was still early.  I did the same so I also made 6 cards.  6 cards in 3 hours is unheard of at my place, we usually manage 4 in 4 hours at the best!


These are the 4 cards my friend made first.  (Ref: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/164099980150504231/).  Nice and quick cards to make.





I used pattern paper for the base.




It was only 3.30pm when we finished the above cards so we made 2 more cards – the same cards as what the other friend and I made the other day.  I used a different sentiment for one of them.  (Ref: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/164099980146718221/)




6 cards in 3 hours – the record at my place!






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