Delicious Chocolate Tart & Macaroon Baked By My Friend


I was saying to my friends that it hadn’t rained today – but then it started raining heavily just when many people would be leaving their offices.


Two friends came to make some cards today, and one of them brought some chocolate tart and macaroons that she had baked! She learned how to bake them at the baking class taught by another friend where I also used to take lessons.  Myself,  I haven’t baked much since the teacher left for London….

写 真を撮ったついで(?笑)にマカロンを1ついただいてしまいましたが、さくっとしてむにゅっとして大好きな食感でした。こんな食感に焼くのはきっと難しい んでしょうね。(マカロンは習ってないのです。)チョコレートタルトも綺麗に切られていて、マカロンもとても可愛らしくラッピングされていてとっても素 敵。周りの皆さん、お料理上手だったりお菓子を焼くのがお上手だったり、びっくりしてしまいます。

After I took the photos, I ate one of the macaroons. It was delicious, sort of crispy on the outside but gooey inside – just the texture I love. I don’t often have macaroons that I think are delicious, lots of store-bought ones are too dry, or not crispy, or too sweet. This one was just perfect. I’m looking forward to having the chocolate tart at dinner with my husband. Lucky us!










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