Steamboat with Friends

今日はお友達数人とランチをご一緒しました。IONの Treasure Steamboat Restaurant で中華鍋。家でお鍋は時々しますが、外で中華鍋は久しぶり。スープは、一番普通なチキンスープにしました。写真に撮っていないものもいろいろオーダーしました。USビーフ、USの黒豚、海老餃子、野菜とポークの餃子、白菜、ロメインレタス、しいたけ、絹豆腐、湯葉、春雨、稲庭うどん。

I had lunch with a few friends at “Treasure Steamboat Restauran” in ION.  We have hot pot at home now and again but seldom have it in a restaurant.  We chose probably the most standard soup – chicken soup.  We ordered US beef, US kurobuta, prawn dumplings, vegetable and pork dumplings, Chinese cabbage, Romain lettuce, Shiitake, Silken Tofu, Yuba (bean curd skin), Glass noodles and Inaniwa Udon – I think I listed all we ordered…


You make your own sauce using these ingredients.  When I made it myself, it tasted too salty and a bit boring but one of the staff made it for me later and it tasted much nicer!









I didn’t like their prawn dumplings but everything else was good and it was about S$49 per person, which seems very reasonable.


They were doing some work at our condo – updating the cooling system, I think – and we weren’t able to use our aircon from 10.00am until 2.30pm.  I wouldn’t have been able to stay home without aircon so I made an appointment for pedicure in the morning and spent the afternoon with my friends so the day went very fast.  I chose pink and blue for my pedicure today – I like it.





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