Stringozzi with Amatriciana


My husband’s brother and his wife left for Penang this morning to stay there for a couple of nights.  I’m glad it was sunny in Penang for them.  Penang was the first beach resort my husband and I went to – I think we went there in the 1st year of our marriage (27 years ago).  The sea wasn’t particularly beautiful and the hotel wasn’t particularly luxurious but we were young and it was our first time to experience a resort, so I remember we quite enjoyed it.  I don’t remember much of the food except we ate a lot of satay.


I cooked pasta for dinner tonight.  I have been trying to reduce carbohydrate but it’s not easy….

1週間ほど前に夫と一緒に Stringozzi というパスタを作った時に4人分作って2人分は冷凍したので、忘れないうちに使ってしまうことに。パスタを4人分作るのも2人分作るのも手間はほとんど変わらないので(特にstringozzi はほとんど伸ばさないので手間がかかりません)作る時は作りやすい量の4人分くらいを作って冷凍するのが得策ですが、ついついせっかく冷凍しても忘れてしまいがちなので早めに使うように心がけています。

About a week ago my husband and I made Stringozzi for 4, used a half and froze the rest.  Making it for 4 is not a lot more work than for 2 so we tend to do this but we often forget to eat what we freeze so I try to use it within a week or 2 when I can so that I don’t waste it.

ソースは、お友達の Letizia さんのレシピのアマトリチャーナ。本来はグアンチャーレというパンチェッタに似たものを使いますが、簡単に手に入るベーコンで作っています。一般のレシピと違うのは、グアンチャーレを炒めてトマトを加えてソースを作るのではなく、グアンチャーレを炒めたところに(パスタの茹で汁も足してから)茹でたパスタを入れて絡めてからトマトソースを加えるところ。最後にフレッシュの唐辛子も入ります。その違いがわかるほどわたしの舌が敏感かどうかは疑問ですが、Letizia さんのレシピの通りに作ってみました。本当は、せめてパンチェッタを使いたい。特にスーパーで手に入るベーコンが美味しくないので、悲しいです。

I made Amatriciana from Letizia’s recipe.  The major difference of her recipe to many others is that she cooks guanciale separately from the tomatoes and onion and mix the cooked pasta with the guanciale first before adding the tomato sauce.  I’m not sure my sense of taste is good enough to tell the difference – we canot find guanciale or even panceetta and the bacon we get isn’t very good either so I haven’t been happy with the dishes that need good quality guanciale/pancetta/bacon lately.  Anyway, it tasted good!


I wrote the other day that I find it difficult to mix Bolognese type of sauce with pasta, but tomato sauce is very easy.  It was so hot that we nearly burned our tongues but it came out as I like – although I think my husband prefers the pasta a little softer.

I just had some advice from my cooking teacher, Letizia, to use a Pasta server to mix the sauce and pasta together.  I must get one of them!









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