Watercolour Lesson


Until I came to Singapore, I always took a class of something regularly at least once a week.  In Japan, I was taking Oshie lesson once a week.  In Hong Kong, although it wasn’t a class, I was joining a Mahjong playing group once a week and also oil painting class in the last few years as well as a few cooking classes every month.  Now, I only take a cooking class here and there because I cannot find any classes I can take every week.  I quite like going to a place regularly once a week because it gives me a rhythm.

先日、ふと、シンガポールで水彩画を教えてもらえるところはないかな〜、と検索してみましたが、やはり週に1度行けるようなレッスンは見つかりませんでした。カードのオンラインクラスの一環の水彩画のレッスンをとったりYoutube を見たりインスタグラムやブログの絵を見て見よう見まねで描いてはみるものの、なかなかうまく描けないので、週に1度習えば少しは描けるようになるかもと思ったのですが。ただ、単発の初心者向けのレッスンをされている方がいたので、プライベートに受けてみることにしました。あいにくのお天気の中でしたが、先生に家に来ていただいて、水彩絵の具を使って簡単なお花を描くというレッスンです。


Anyway, the other day, I searched if there would be a watercolour class I can take.  I wasn’t able to find any that I can take regularly but found one-off class for a beginner and decided to take a private class.  I could have taken a group lesson but, personally, I find it more relaxing to have one-to-one class like this (at least until I feel comfortable with what I’m doing) because I don’t feel embarrassed that my paintings don’t come out well.  Also you get more attention from the instructor, you don’t have to wait for your turn to ask questions and it’s more likely that she can see what you are doing wrong.

The sheet on the bottom is the sample sheet from the instructor and the top 2 sheets are what I practised (and many more sheets).  I took a couple of on-line classes but of course they don’t cover everything and it’s hard to know what you are doing wrong, so it was good to be pointed out what I was doing wrong when I wasn’t able to shape certain shapes (and to know that some was because of the brush rather than me).

It’s not that I can suddenly paint much better, I need to practice, but hopefully I’ll be able to improve with practice.





レッスンをしてくださったのはNATALIE STUDIOの Natalie さん。グループレッスンもされています。

It was Natalie of “NATALIE STUDIO” who gave me the lesson.  She has a few group lessons as well as private lessons you can take.




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