Handmade Cards

Providore で試食させていただいた後、お腹いっぱいの状態でお友達とカードを作りました。すご〜く昔に作ったカードをお友達がまだ持っておられ、それを見ながら。大好きでフォローしている Jennifer McGuire さんが作られたカードを真似たのだったと思います。昔すぎて、元のカードを探せません。

After being full with “trying” Providore’s cafe menu, one of the friends and I came back to make some cards.  She made a card like this many years ago with me and still had one of them and wanted to make more.  I cannot find the exact card but I’m sure we made it referring to Jennifer McGuire that I follow on her blog.





By time we got home, it was past 3.00pm but she made 4 cards before 5.30 – very good!

I also made the same cards with slightly different colour and different ribbons but I forgot to take a photo of them and by the time I remembered it had gone completely dark outside.  I’ll take one tomorrow and blog it.




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