Recipe with a big mistake

今日は、ちょっと久しぶりな気がする夫ごはん。「Eating in with James Martin」という料理本から “Chicken with Plum and Sun-dried Tomatoes”(チキンのプラムトマトと三ドライトマト)を作ってくれたのですが、途中で夫がわたしに「ちょっとレシピがわからないんだけど、ヘルプして、変なレシピなんだよね」というのでレシピを読んでみると、「玉ねぎとにんにくを鍋に入れ、フレッシュトマトとサンドライトマトとサンドライトマトのオイルを加え、沸騰したら火を止める。粗熱をとってからバジルを加え、お皿にのせて焼いたチキンをのせる」とあります。ん?なに、このレシピ?水分はサンドライトマトのオイル以外入っていないのに沸騰したら火を止める?どういうこと?にんにくも玉ねぎもトマトも生なんですけど?レシピ、酷すぎます。

My husband cooked dinner tonight but he came to me in the middle of his cooking asking if I could help him with understanding the recipe.  What he was cooking was “Chicken with Plum and Sun-dried Tomatoes” from “Eating in with James Martin“.  He said the recipe is very strange.  It said, “”Place the onion and garlic in a pan, add the fresh tomatoes, and the sun-dried plus their oil.  Bring to the boil and remove from the heat straightaway.  Season with salt and pepper, and leave to cool a little.  then add some ripped leaves of fresh basil.  To serve, just put the tomato mixture on the plate with chicken on top.”

Bring to the boil??  There is no liquid at all other than a little bit of oil from sun-dried tomato!  Remove from the heat straight away? Everything is almost raw including garlic and onion!  What kind of a recipe is this??  There is no photo so we couldn’t even see what it was supposed to look.


No doubt something is wrong with the recipe.  If this is what it’s meant to be, why would you “boil” it, it takes less than a minute before it “boils”, it doesn’t do anything to any ingredients other than warming them up slightly (not all of the ingredients would be warm) so no point.  Sometimes I come across some mistakes in recipes but this is unusually strange.


I would have suggested to sautee the garlic and onion in olive oil first but my husband had already followed the recipe and put everything in the pan together and put the heat on and cooked a little, so I suggested him to put the lid on and cook it on a low heat until garlic and onion cooks.


So, it was basically light tomato sauce with both fresh and sun-dried tomato.  It was good (well, would have been better if onion were softer) but not something you need a recipe for!  Just too ordinary…  My husband could have cooked it without it easier!  Pretty disappointing as a recipe from a celebrity chef.

He is cooking another recipe from the same book tomorrow and I am quite nervous…!









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