Spicy Mexican Quinoa Salad

今日の夕食は、シンガポールにお住まいのブロガーさんのレシピにトライしてみました。Spicy Mexican Quinoa Salad(スパイシーなメキシコ風キヌアサラダ)。

I cooked “Spicy Mexican Quinoa Salad” from a blog “Lottie is loving” today.

チキンの胸肉のマリネに入るフレッシュのチリをソースに入れる *Chipotle というチリを間違えて入れてしまったので少し違う味付けになってしまったのと、他にもいくつかレシピ通りせずに自分流にしています。

I made a mistake of using chipotle (I bought a tin of chipotle in adobo) instead of fresh chilli for the marinade for the chicken breast, so I guess it tasted a little different.  I also made some modifications to suit me.

Smoky Chipotle Mayonnaise(スモーキーなチポトルチリのマヨネーズ)に入るマヨネーズは日本のマヨネーズを使い、日本のマヨネーズは世界的に一般的なマヨネーズより軽く酸味があるのでサワークリームは入れませんでした。出来上がりはちょっとマヨネーズっぽすぎたので、サワークリームも少し混ぜた方が良かったかもと思います。

The recipe for the smoky chipotole Mayonnaise uses mayonnaise, sour cream and lime juice.  I know what the rest of the world calls “mayonnaise” is much thicker, less seasoned and less sour than Japanese mayonnaise so I didn’t use sour cream.  The resulting  sauce was a little too mayonnaise so perhaps I should’ve added some sour cream.


The recipe tells you to wrap sweet corns in foil after putting on some coconut oil or butter and some smoked paprika and cayenne pepper, then BBQ or grill them before taking off the kernels, but I took the kernels off first, then sauteed in a pan with butter, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.  Our smoked paprika happened to be hot one so I used only about a quarter of the recipe and a half of the cayenne pepper.


I used lime juice instead of vinegar in the salsa


I cooked the chicken breast in my usual way, which is to sear both sides then put in the oven at 200C for 10-12 minutes.


By some reason, I don’t like usual quinoa so I use red ones.

(*Chipotle in Adobo と書かれた缶詰を使いました。)

(*Chipotle in Adobo is sold in tins.)



I mixed the quinoa and sweet corns together but kept the salsa on the side.  When we ate them we mixed them together but then the avocado gets covered with quinoa, which isn’t very pretty.








I think it came out quite good, my husband liked it, too.   The recipe said for 2 persons but it was enough for 3, although of course it depends on the size of the chicken breast.


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