Brunch at Providore in Raffles Place

今日のブランチ(ランチ?)は珍しく、ちょっと遠出。夫が近くに用があったのとオープンしてからまだ行っていなかったので、ラッフルズプレイスのProvidoreに行ってきました。夫は Spanish Egg をオーダーしていましたが、すごく辛かったらしく、ヒーヒー言いながら食べていました(笑)。わたしがお友達と試食したときは1粒だけ辛いチリが入っていたのをわたしが食べてしまい5分くらいヒーヒーしましたが、あとは結構マイルドだったのですが。多分、作り人によって違うんでしょう。辛いのが苦手な人はチリなしでとお願いするる方が良いかも。なくてもチョリソがあるのである程度辛いです。わたしは、ブレックファーストボード。ポーチドエッグ、アボカド、生ハム、ゴートチーズがボードに並べられています。

Unlike us, we went a little far for a brunch today to Providore Cafe in Raffles Place – because my husband had some chore to do near there and he hadn’t been there since it opened.

My husband had Spanish eggs.  Apparently it was very spicy and my husband seemed to be suffering a little.  When I tried it with my friends it wasn’t so spicy except that there was I think 1 piece of chilli that I had – which did give me a shock for a few minutes but I recovered quickly – but perhaps it depends on who makes it.  If you cannot take spicy food, you should probably ask them not to add chilli because it has a kick from chorizo without additional chillis.

I had “Breakfast Board” – which was poached eggs, Parma ham, avocado and goat cheese.




After picking up something my husband needed in Raffles City, we went to Tanglin Mall to do some shopping, but I had a sudden craving for gelato so we shared a small tub of salted caramel.






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