Ultimate Quiche Lorraine

今日夫が夕食に作ってくれたのは、「究極のキッシュロレーヌ」。BBC Good Food のレシピ。普通のキッシュロレーヌとどこが違うのかはわかりませんが、クレームフレッシュが入っているので普通のより少し軽めな気がします。

The dinner my husband made tonight was BBC Good Food’s “Ultimate Quiche Lorrane”. I don’t know what is different from an ordinary one but maybe using creme fraiche makes it a little lighter?


Making pastry can be hard when you don’t have enough experience and it’s harder in a hot country like Singapore!  This one is, I think, shortcrust pastry but uses 1 egg yolk.  He needed a little help but I’m glad it came out nice.  Nutmeg was a nice addition and it seems a little lighter than usual Quiche Lorraine. There is some left, which will be my lunch tomorrow probably. 








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