Early Evening Meal in Ippudo


I often smell smoke (haze) in the last couple of weeks and also get headache every day.  Today, it was raining but the PSI was above 70 when I checked.  Above 50 I tend to notice.  We are leaving for Japan on Friday so I can get away from this haze but in Japan I’ll probably get hey fever – I cannot win.

I was checking the temperature in Japan and it said the lowest is 1C today.  My God, that’s cold for end of March.  It’s going to get milder in a few days, though.  This time of year, it’s hard to know what clothes to take but it looks like I will need a heavy coat.


My husband has a Video Conference from 8.00pm so we decided to have an early evening meal in Ippudo in Mandarig Gallery.  We had Cucumber in spicy sauce, 2 Akamaru Special Ramen (1 each), Gyoza, Pork Bun (1) and some tea and the bill was S$90.  Wow!  It seems so expensive for this type of restaurant but I suppose it cannot be helped as it’s Singapore.  I like their Dan Dan Tonkotsu as I’ve written a few times in my blog but they didn’t have it in this paraticular restuarant (not sure it’s changed again or the menu is different from the one in Shaw Centre) so we had Akamaru – to be honest I didn’t like it very much.












When my husband arrived in Ippudo, I got worried that something bad had happened because he looked so stressed out but it was simply because he was still “at work mode” (his office is only 2 minutes from this restaurant).  I guess he usually changes from his “work face” to “home face” during the 12 minutes when he walks from the office to home.






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