Wild Asparagus


Before coming to Sicily, I was chatting with my Italian friend (her parents are from Sicily) about foods in Sicily and she told me we must try wild asparagus if we see them.  I saw them in a market in Palermo but we were staying in a hotel so we didn’t buy them and we never saw them on a menu in restaurants.  I was also looking for them the other day in the market in Syracuse but didn’t see any and had sort of given up, thinking that their season may have finished.  However, I saw them in the market today when we went back this morning so we bought a bunch.  It was 5 Euro for the bunch.


When I searched for ‘wild asparagus’ in Japanese I saw a lot of articles about something called Les asperges sauveges, which look similar to asparagus but actually aren’t in the category of asparagus, that seem to be getting popular in Japan.  The wild asparagus I’m talking about here are asparagus but not the cultivated type.




Later this afternoon we are having  cooking class and will eat what we cook for dinner,so we’ll use these asparagus tomorrow in a pasta dish.



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