Sicilian Breakfast


Although I don’t usually have breakfast, I occasionally do so when I am on holiday.  It’s interesting to see how each country has their own different type of breakfast.  In Sicily they tend to eat sweet things.  I have some Japanese friends who like having sweet things for breakfast, and many people do eat something like toast with jam or marmalade, but Sicilians eat some unusual sweet things for breakfast.  I am one of those who crave for something savoury when I’m hungry and don’t really like eating sweet things but I wanted to try them so we’ve been eating what Sicilians eat for breakfast at our lunch time or as a snack.



One of the things my Italian friend told me I must try is granita.  It’s similar to sorbet but a little different texture and Sicilians have it with brioche for breakfast in summer.


As soon as we arrived in Palermo, I tried pistachio granita.  I did like the texture very much but it was just much too sweet for me, so sweet that I sort of felt a little queasy afterwards.




A few days ago I also tried almond granita in Syracuse, and strawberry granita in Ragusa yesterday.  Both of them were quite sweet (I would personally prefer less sugar) but not as sweet as the first one and I enjoyed them.  Maybe when you live in Sicily in this hot climate, you need something sweet to keep up your energy.  I also had a few gelati, which were yummy wherever I had them.




イタリア人のお友達からもう1つ是非食べてみて、と言われていたものに リコッタチーズのPanzerotti があります。Panzerottiには食事系のピザ生地のようなものにトマトソースやチーズを詰めたものと甘い系とあるそうで、お友達がお勧めだったのは甘い方。昔、ここから遠くない街で朝食食べたリコッタチーズのPanzerotti が忘れられないほど美味しかったのだそうです。イタリアはその土地でしか食べられないものも多く、このPanzarottiもお友達がお住まいのウンブリアでは買えないとのことでした。

My Italian friend also told me that I should try sweet Panzerotti filled with ricotta cheese if I can find it.  She had it with her husband many years ago in Ragusa and found it unforgettably delicious, especially as they had it for breakfast when it was still warm.  Her parents are from Sicily but she now lives in Umbria and tells me nobody makes these pastries better than Sicilians.  She was so enthusiastic that I had to try it!

When we went to the market in Syracuse the other day, we tried a place called Cafe Apollo, which is one of the pastry shops  that the owner of the villa we are renting recommended to us.  We did find ‘panzarotti’ on their menu so we decided to have lunch there.  We shared a panini – which was different from what we expected, but good – then strawberry granita and this panzarotti, but when it came it was different type.  This was also nice but not what my friend had described.

今日は午前中に市場に行ったので、ついでに近くにあるらしい借りているヴィラのオーナーさんのお勧めのカフェにあるかどうか行ってみようということで、Cafe Apolo で軽いランチをすることにしました。お店のメニューに Panzarottiを見つけたので、トマトとモッツァレラチーズのパニーニと上記のグラニータ、そしてPanzarottiをオーダーしましたが、お友達がおっしゃっていたのとは違うタイプのものでした。これはこれで美味しかったですが。。。






Later on we went into another pastry shop nearby and I saw something that looked more like it –  so I showed the picture of them that this friend sent to me to one of the shop assistants and asked if it was Panzerotti with ricotta cheese – and it was!  It’s like a doughnut but folded in half, so a half moon shape, and huge!  It was deep-fried but not greasy and the filling wasn’t too sweet – delicious!  God knows how many calories it had, but we are on holiday.





Both shops are close to the Tempio di Apollo near the bridge to Ortigia.

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