Pasta with Wild Asparagus & Chilli


On Thursday, we had a cooking class at the villa we are renting with a chef and her assistants.  There are many photos to edit so I’ll write more about it sometime later, but there was a lot of food left from the class so we used the pasta and the ragu we made at the class for one pasta dish and made spaghetti with wild asparagus we bought on Wednesday as we planned yesterday.

ワイルドアスパラガスのパスタは、イタリア人のお友達 Letizia さんのレシピで。Letiziaさんがいちばん好きなパスタだそうで、わたしも大好きなタイプです。ペペロンチーノにワイルドアスパラガスを加えたようなパスタ。小さなチリがなかったので大きなのを使ったのですが、試しに食べてみたらそれほど辛くなかったので少し多めに加えたらちょっと辛すぎましたが、美味しくできました。まだアスパラガスもラグーもパスタもたくさん残っているので、今日も同じメニューです(笑)。今日はアスパラガスを増やしてチリを減らして作ってみます。ラグーソースもとっても美味しかったです。

We used the recipe of our friend, Letizia, for the spaghetti with wild asparagus.  It’s like peperonchino with wild asparagus and a sort of pasta dish I love as I tend to like simple pasta sacuce.  Letizia also told me that it’s her favourite pasta dish.  As we couldn’t find a small red chilli we bought a large one.  When we tried a little before cooking we thought it wasn’t too spicy so we used about 1/4 of it but it was a little too much, but still delicious.  We still have all these ingrediants so we’ll be making the same pasta dishes again tonight.  For the spaghetti with wild asparagus, we’ll use more asparagus and less chili today.  Hopefully it’ll be even better!  The handmade pasta with ragu was also delicious.









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