Hamburg Steak


Today’s dinner was Japanese style “Stewed Hamburg Steak”.  In the hamburg, there is a lot of sauteed and pureed vegetables (carrot, onion & celery) as well as spices like nutmeg, all spice, paprika & clove.


I make something similar to ratatouille (except that I just sautee outside of aubergine and courgette and add them in the last 10 minutes just to cook all the way through so they still have good texture) with peppers, onion, aubergine & courgette.  I also added some green beans today as they were left in the fridge.







It’s one of the dinners my husband loves so I make many of them and freeze them.



My husband is leaving for Germany on business then  he’ll be in England on the weekend so he won’t be back for a week.  I’ll miss him…







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