Black Bean Soup

今日の夕食は、ブラックビーンスープにしてみました。お料理教室で習った簡単で美味しいブラックビーンスープをよく作っていますが、今日はYoutube で見た Jamie Oliver の具沢山なスープといつも作っているスープと合わせたようなスープにしてみました。

I made black bean soup today.  There is one that I often make, I learned it at a cooking class and it’s a quick and easy soup with just onion, black beans and spices but today I wanted to make it as the main so added lots of vegetables.  It’s sort of between Jamie Oliver’s recipe I saw on Youtube and the one I’ve often made.


I sauteed onion, garlic, celery, red & yellow pepper, some fresh red chilli (mild) until onion is soft, added cumin powder, then added a tin of black beans (I put half of it in a food processor), a little water, salt & pepper and simmered it for 15 minutes or so.  After pouring it in a soup bowl, I topped it with a mixture of coriander leaves, fresh red chilli, salt & lime juice like Jamie Oliver did.  He added eggs in to poach but we decided not to use eggs and keep it lighter.


I served smoked salmon to my husband as a starter first.








The soup was very good, we enjoyed having lots of bits of vegetables.  We also loved the zing you get from the mixture of coriander, cilli and lime juice.  My husband liked it very much as well so I’m sure I’ll be making this often.





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