Homemade Shortbread



I’m not a big fan of the shortbread you can buy in shops, even those from expensive brands.  However, I do love the real thing – that is, homemade ones.  When you stay in a country house hotel in England you often get homemade shortbread with tea or as a part of an afternoon tea and they are so delicious, I think completely different from those packed ones you buy.  I know it’s easy to bake them but somehow I haven’t baked them for years and years.  Today, I suddenly decided to bake them.

In Singapore, they loose their good texture quickly so I made a very small circlular one.  I searched on the internet and found that basically most of them are something like Sugar : Butter : Flower = 1:2:3.  I used 25g of sugar.


All you do is to let the butter come to room temperature, cream it with sugar until it’s nice and fluffy, then add flour and mix them together lightly.  The less you handle the better after adding flour.  I then made a ball of the dough, put it between non-stick baking sheets and rolled it out to a small circle with a rolling pin.  I then cut it in 8 pieces, sprinkled some sugar, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes or so before baking it in the pre-heated oven at 160C for about 15 minutes until the edges became slightly brown.






Ummm, it’s so lovely and crumbly and delicious!  Why don’t I bake it more often?  It’s so quick and easy.  The only thing is that it’s so good that it’s hard to stop eating it!!







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