今日の夕食は、夫の得意料理のムサカ。ギリシャ料理ですがイギリスのDelia Smithのレシピなのでイギリス式なのではないかと思います。Delia Smithのレシピではフィリンフにトマトは使われていませんが、わたしたちは缶のトマトも加えています。(本来はラムでしょうが)ビーフのラグーのようなものと茄子を焼いたのを層にし、上から卵とチーズが入ったベシャメルソース(ホワイトソース)をかけてオーブンで1時間ほど焼いたものです。

Today’s dinner was my husband’s Moussaka, he loves cooking this dish.  Although it’s a Greek dish, the recipe is from Delia Smith so it might be modified for British.  She doesn’t use any tomato in the filling but we use tin tomato.  Basically you put grilled aubergine and something like an Italian ragu (but different spice is used) in a couple of layers, then cover it with white sauce with some egg and cheese and bake in the oven for about an hour.


I tend to love modern looks and my husband tends to love classic looks.  These plates from Noritake tend to be used when my husband cooks rather than when I do.  There was some smoked salmon left from the other day so he had smoked salmon to start with.







It’s so hot, you can burn your tongue!  Very nice as usual.




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