Dinner at Bistecca Toscana

金曜日は何箇所か予約の電話をしたのですがことごとく満席で、最終的には随分前に行った Bistecca Toscana に行ってみました。ここに行ったらフロレンティーナをオーダーしなくてはと思うのですが2人では食べきれないしお高いので(そして、特別美味しいというほどでもない)随分前に2度ほど行ったきりになっていました。

On Friday, I tried to book a table for dinner in a few restaurants but they were all fully booked.  In the end, we found a table at Bistecca Toscana.  I feel this is a place to go with a few friends because their main attraction is the Florentina but it’s too big for 2 of us.


We didn’t order any starters knowing the beef will be huge but ordered a couple of side dishes – grilled asparagus and potato gratine.  The potatoes were not as soft as we would like but still very nice and the asparagus was also good.  For dessert my husband had something with rhubarb and I had almond & hazelnut ice cream.  I forgot to take my camera with me so used my iPhone.









We enjoyed the dinner enough but I find it very pricy.  The florentina itself is 188 (++) alone so the total bill was S$408 with a bottle of wine and a bottle of water.  It’s somewhere you should go in a large group.



Bistecca Toscana Steakhouse
25 Mohamed Sultan Road

Tel: +65 6735 6739

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