Avocado Toast



I made Avocado Toast for a light lunch today, it seems to be so popular lately.   It’s very quick and easy unless you spend a lot of time for the other toppings.  I crushed a half avocado, salted it and spread it on top of a piece of toast with a little mayonnaise, squeezed some lime juice, sprinkled with some coriander leaves and dry-roasted pine nuts and some black pepper.

I love the texture of avocado when it’s nice and ripe.  I also love pine nuts (not just pine nuts but most nuts) so when I need pine nuts (other other nuts), I dry-roast them in a frying pan, doing much more of them than necessary and eating the rest.




I thought some tomato would also go well with this, it’ll add some acidity and also juiciness.   I thought about adding crispy bacon but decided to go for a healthy version today.





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