Pea & Mint Soup with Beetroot, Apple & Grilled Goat Cheese Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.

スープは、Jamie Oliverのレシピでグリーンピースとミントのスープ。カリカリに焼いた生ハムを散らしています。少し前に冷たくしていただきましたが、今日は熱々で。

The soup was Jamie Oliver’s Peas & Mint Soup.  He uses pancetta but I used Parma Ham, just fried until crispy and crumbled on top.  We had this cold some time ago but I served it hot today.




The salad was beets, apple and goat cheese.  I grilled slices of goat cheese until it’s hot and melting.  Also added some dry-roasted pecan nuts.  The dressing was raspberry viengar and olive oil (plus salt & pepper).



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