Handmade Wedding Anniversary Card


It’s our 28th Wedding Anniversary.  All the restaurants we tried to book a table at were fully booked as we were a bit late to try, so we ended up booking a table for tomorrow.

夫に作った結婚記念日のカード。Dawn Woleslagleさんのカードを参考にしました。写真ではわかりませんが、文字が光るようにスタンプの上からキラキラするペンで塗っています。

Here is the card I made for my husband.  The inspiration is a card Dawn Woleslagle blogged sometime ago.  I know this isn’t the way to use this arrow but I wanted something in black where I stamped it to balance the small black heart.  I’m so bad at splattering, I was too worried I’d spoil it if I tried with black ink to splatter, so I just used pink for that.  I used Spectrum Noir on all the images I stamped with black ink so they are sparkly.  Very simple but I quite like how it turned out.


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