Pork Chop with Mushrooms


昨日の夕食は、ポークチョップ。Delia Smithのレシピで、ドライのポルチーニとフレッシュのマッシュルーム、クレームフレッシュを使うもの。

In early evening yesterday, I started smelling some glue in the Study and it quickly got too strong for me to stay.  They are renovating upstairs and I guess the smell is from that.  Fortunately, we are using the master bedroom as a study because it’s the largest room and we felt it was a shame to use it just to sleep.  Otherwise we couldn’t have slept in our bedroom as it was really strong.  We couldn’t come in the room after dinner so no blogging either last night.

The dinner last night was Delia Smith’s Baked Pork Chop with Wild Mushrooms and Creame Fraich.



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