Japanese Curry




Today’s dinner was Japanese Curry (with Indian curry base).

I didn’t want to go out for shopping so I made it with what I found in the fridge – onion, cararot, potato, red & yellow pepper and long beans.  I sauteed onion with some spices, garlic and ginger, curry powder then added fresh tomatoes.  When the tomatoes became saucy, I added some water and vegetable stock, then cooked vegetables – I just add hard-to-cook vegetable first then add others later.  When everything is cooked more or less, I turn the heat off, put in some Japanese curry roux, let it melt then put it back on the heat and cook for 5 to 10 minutes.

The rice is cooked with mixed grains (I buy small packets of 16 different grains from Japan that you just add to your white rice).  My husband prefers this to white rice.  I like both but this seems to go well with curry.






The bouquet I made yesterday is looking beautiful.



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