Japanese Hot Pot


I couldn’t come up with a good idea for dinner and I asked my friend at the the flower class what she was cooking tonight and she told me she was having Japanese Hot Pot.  We hadn’t had it for a while so I took her idea.


Most of the time when we have a Japanese hot pot, the main thing I prepare for it is mince chicken balls.  For vegetables, I use Iceberg Lettuce rather than usual Chinese cabbage.  I also use carrots, tofu and something green – today I used Morning Glory.


I don’t like the mincde chicken you get here because it’s like paste and very dry so I buy chicken thigh and keep cutting it small until you get it like minced chicken.  Then I add some tofu, chopped stems of coriander, green onion, brown onion, garlic ginger, salt, mirin and Japanese corn starch.


The base for the sauce is sesame paste.  Today I used Tahini, which is a middle eastern sesame paste.  I add some store-bought Japanese sesame sauce for hot pot, Yuzu Kosho, chilli pepper, soy sauce, mirin and Chinese spicy chilli sauce when I have it (but today I didn’t, so I added extra Yuzu Kosho).  I also prepare coriander and chopped green onions to add as we like.  Today, I also tried fried mince garlic because my friend said she uses it – makes it nice and garlicky.


It came out very good.  I didn’t think I could eat much as I wasn’t very hungry from lunch but somehow once I started eating I felt hungry enough.


You can see how large the bouquet of flowers is on the photo!





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