Handmade Christmas Card

昨日は、他にも6枚一気にカードを作りました。Nichol Magouirk さんこのカードを参考にしましたが、わたしのカードはずっとシンプル。基本デザインは同じで、車の上に乗せるものをいろいろ変えてみました。

Yesterday, I also made 6 more cards.  The inspiration is from this card made by Nichol Magouirk but I made it much more simple and quick to make.  They are all the same basic design but changed here and there.


It’s hard to see the real texture on photos but the base card stock is in silver.  The white dots on the background are softly coloured with white ink using stencil and I added some silver dots using glitter pen.  I also used stickles on the hearts, ribbons, trees etc so these cards are quite glittery.













From my experience, if I post cards on the 1st week of December they seem to arrive before Christmas but if I wait until the 2nd week they take much longer to get there (2 or 3 weeks) and many of them don’t make it.  I think I started making them relatively early this year and there are 36 or 37 already.  70 or so more to go!  I can be a little later for my friends who live in Singapore so hopefully I’ll be OK.








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