Handmade Card


A friend brought her friend to make cards this afternoon.  She first made 2 cards using an old set of stamp from Lawn Fawn.  Many friends myself included used this set so many times and made so many cards but I never get tired of this stamp.  Changing the paper makes totally different cards, it’s so much fun to use this set.  I haven’t used it for a long time but seeing these I feel I should use them again.  Recently, you don’t see many cards with pattern paper as a trend so these look different and cute.  I have piles of pattern paper, I should use it more.






She chose pattern paper in a short time so was able to make these quite quickly and had time to make some more, so made 2 more simple cards.  These are so quick to make, all you do is to dry emboss paper, cut sentiment base and stamp the sentiment and stick them to the base.  So quick but very effective and nice.




For the whole time she was here she was saying “This is so much fun!”  “Soooo cute!!”.  It was lovely to see her enjoying making cards for the first time.




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