New Oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Umbria)

今年も無事に、ウンブリアの「San Pontente 」さんからニューオイル(DOP)が届きました!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (DOP) from San Potente in Umbria arrived!!!




3 years ago, when we were staying with our friends in Umbria, we were invited to join their friend’s Olive Oil festival.  Since then, we’ve been buyng their oil.  This year, they had bad weather, with hail destroying 30% of their olives, so they had much less olive oil to sell.  I’m grateful that they let us buy their oil when they have very little of it this year.


We use their oil for almost everything.  Although I feel guilty to use it for cooking (because it is such high quality), I feel I cannot trust anything you can buy in supermarkets here in Singapore because I’ve read many articles on how lots of the well-known brands have oil that is not extra virgin – even when they say so on the bottle – and sometimes oil that is not even olive oil and actually harmful to us.  I feel safe to purchase it from a producer that we know personally.


We haven’t tried it yet but we will at our dinner soon.  Olive oil from Umbria is in general very green and spicy, but I was told that this one is milder than usual because they had lots of rain this year.  A part of the attraction is that it tastes different every year but I’m sure it’s good.  Looking forward to trying it soon.







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