Lunches In The Hotel


We’ve been having dinners in restaurants outside the hotel with our friends but having lunches in the hotel because it seems too much trouble to go out.  On the first day our flight left Singapore a little before 1.00pm so we had a quick bite at the airport.  On our 2nd day here in Khao Lak, it was Christmas Eve and they had what they called their “Festive Menu” only. There was nothing festive about the menu, it was just smaller than usual because they were too busy preparing the Christmas dinner (which was on served on Christmas Eve).  My husband ordered a Cheese Burger and I ordered Pad Thai.  The burger was OK, my husband said, but I wasn’t impressed with my Pad Thai, which didn’t have any chilli flakes or roasted peanuts that you usually have.  It was just quite sweet noodles.






The Christmas Tree looked like this….



The next day, because I hadn’t liked their Pad Thai very much, I was thinking of suggesting to my husband to go out for lunch but we went down to the beach bar to see the menu and it was back to normal – on Christmas Day.  The normal menu was quite good so we ordered Stir-fried Pork with Basil and Mince Chicken Salad (Laab)  The stir-fried pork tasted too strongly of Thai sweet sauce, which has strong taste so you aren’t supposed to use a lot of it.  However, the Laab was quite nice.  It could have used more seasoning but at least the balance of sweet, sour and salty was quite good.


What I don’t understand is they run out of coconut juice!  They are in all the coconut trees in the hotel!






I did get coconut juice today but when I wanted to have a second one, guess what?, they’d run out.  Why don’t they get more coconuts??


We shared Beef Salad and Stir-fried Chicken with Thai Herbs in Spicy Sauce.



I think what the menu called “Thai Herbs” are fresh peppers and these ginger-like things.  The peppers are OK but the other one tastes very strong and bitter so I avoided them but as long as I avoided those it was very nice.




We are experiencing something very strange in restaurants here.  When we order “white rice”, we get “white wine”.  This happened to us 4 times!!  Rice and Wine don’t sound similar at all, very strange….  Also, this similar thing happened  – only twice so far – when we asked for “spoon” we got ” spring rolls”.  Neither happened to us in the past in Thailand, only this time. Very strange.

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