Christmas Lunch (Table Setting)


Only a few days left this year.  I guess people in Japan are too busy to read my blog, doing a special end-of-year-cleaning and preparing special New Year food.


So, as I’ve written a few times, today is “our” Christmas.  My husband got up very early this morning to prepare the Christmas lunch as always.


Since we got married, my husband always has cooked Christmas lunch but I have always set the table.  Today, I removed all the blue decorations that I used when I had a gathering the other day with my friends and added some red.







Recently, I noticed that lots of people are using Christmas Crackers in Japan as I see them on the photos they blog, so I searched and found that you can buy them on Amazon Japan.  However, they are from England, not made in Japan, so they seem very expensive for what they are.  They are easy enough to make but I guess you cannot buy the strips of paper that make the bang noise.



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