Derwish Turkish Restaurant & Arab Street

お友達お2人と、ランチをご一緒しました。少し前にカードを作りながら色々話していて、アラブストリートにたくさんリボンを置いているお店があるというので一緒に行きましょう、ということになり、近くでランチをすることになったのですが、行くつもりだったギリシャ料理のお店は月曜日はお休みだったのでお友達が探してくださって「Dervish Turkish Restaurant」というトルコ料理のお店に行ってみました。またまたカメラを忘れて、iPhoneの写真です。

I had lunch with a couple of friends.  When we were making cards sometime ago, we talked about a shop that sells a lot of ribbons at reasonable prices in Arab Street and we made a plan to have lunch then visit the shop together.  Sadly, the Greek restaurant we were going to go to was closed today, but they found a Turkish restaurant nearby and booked a table.  The restaurant is called “Derwish Turkish Restaurant”.


We ordered a Mezze plate (there were 6 dips), Falafel and something that looked like aubergine gratine.


Many of the dips in the Mezze plate were a little too salty for me.








I didn’t like their falafel very much, it didn’t seem to have much spices of herbs.





The aubergine dish looked quite different from the one on the photo of the menu.  On the menu it had 2 halves of aubergine with lots of vegetable toppings, there was no sauce or cheese that we could see.  However, this one was very tasty. It looked heavy but it wasn’t, it was quite light and refreshing.  The sauce is tomato sauce and the cheese was also not so heavy.  This one was my favourite.  They serve it with rice, which went well.





I love the area round Arab Street, very exotic looking with colourful buildings.  It’s only a small area that is nice so I don’t often go there but if I didn’t mind being hot it would be fun to look in shops enjoying the atmosphere.







There were a few interesting looking shops along the way to the ribbon shop.





The ribbon shops has rows and rows of ribbons!  I didn’t buy any ribbon, however, and bought some tissue paper for wrapping.






We had tea/coffee in the cafe nearby before saying good-bye.  It was lovely to spend a few hours chatting, having lunch and browsing the shop with my friends.

余談ですが、Derwish Turkish Restaurant でランチをしていると途中から日本人の女性3人が入ってこられ、リボン屋さんから出るときに同じ方達が入ってこられ、そしてカフェでお茶をしていると同じカフェに後から入って来られてお茶をされていました。きっと、あちらもわたしたちを見てずっと一緒ねと思ってらしたでしょうね(笑)。


Derwish Turkish Restaurant
60 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199476

Tel: 6298 8986





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  1. aizamariec says:

    This is not in Japan right?

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      No, it’s not in Japan, I live in Singapore. The address of the restaurant is at the end of the article.

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        Thank you so much.

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    You are welcome.

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