Taiwan Day 2 / “Braised Meat Rice” for lunch


After buying tapioca tea, we got back to the hotel, had the tea, then rested a little, then went out for lunch.  Yes, this trip was an “eating our way through” trip.


We went to “Jinfeng Braised Meat Rice” to have their famous Braised Meat Rice.  There was a long queue as it is very famous, but the queue moved relatively quickly because it’s not a sort of place you want to linger as you can see.  I guess we got there around 12.30 and queued for about 30 minutes before we were given seats.


My sister was very organised and had a list of things she wanted to order in Chinese so it was easy to order.  We had their famous Braised Meat Rice, 2 different soups, a stewed egg, and a stir-fried green vegetable (I think it was spinach).  As I wrote before, all this is for 3 of us to share so it wasn’t that much.  In fact, I think we should have ordered a medium size Meat Rice per person rather than sharing one, because that was quite small even though it was the largest they had.  Green vegetable was quite a large portion and I think soup was OK size, but it wasn’t such a big meal when shared by 3 of us.


It’s not that it was “amazing” or “fantastic” but it was all very good, specially for the price (I cannot remember exactly how much but we were surprised how inexpensive it was).  I was worried if the pork would be gamy but it wasn’t at all, it was tender and tasty.  The only thing is, whatever we had in Taiwan, almost everything seemed to have star anise in it and I know many Japanese dislike it.  I used to dislike it, too, but now I don’t mind it so much so I was able to enjoy all this.  I think my brother and sister also would rather have it without star anise but didn’t mind it too much.








As I took my SLR these look quite pretty looking but the photos with my iPhone are closer to how they really looked.



このお店も夫に「よくそんなお店に入ったね」と驚かれたお店。We are very brave とメッセージしたら、Super brave! と返ってきました(笑)。でも、正直、それほど抵抗なく入りました。きれいとは言えないまでもテーブルや食器は少なくとも見た目清潔でしたし。

This was another of the places that my husband was very surprised we went in.  When I wrote to him “Yes, we are very brave”, his reply was “Super brave!”.  To be honest, I wasn’t feeling we were being very brave, we were just having fun.  It wasn’t a lovely pretty place but the tables and floor looked clean and I was feeling OK.









The leftside of the table is outside and the right side is inside.  It was a long table and 3 of us sat at this end of the table sharing it with these people.




No. 10, Section 1
Roosevelt Rd
Zhongzheng District
Taipei City
Taiwan 100

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