Handmade Card


3 people came to make cards today.  One of them have made cards many times before, one is leaving for Japan for good soon and one is a friend of a good friend (who moved from Hong Kong to Hawaii recently) who is visiting Singapore for a few days.  Usually I limit the number of people to make cards with to 2 people max because card making needs a lot of space and also because I cannot advice 3 people at the same time, but one of them can make cards mostly on her own and 2 of them wouldn’t have been able to come on a different day.


The person who came for the first time made these 4 cards.  She was concentrating so much that I could see she was getting stiff shoulders but she seemed to enjoy making them very much, which is the main thing.





Friend who made cards many times before made some Birthday party invitations.  She seldom look at someone else’s card for inspiration, she comes up her own idea – something I find hard to do.




Friend who is leaving for Japan for good soon made many small simple “thank-you” cards.





Sad that it was the last time I saw this friend who is leaving for Japan soon.  Singapore is quite far from Japan and most people say they cannot think of any particular restaurants or places they want to re-visit so not many of my friends who leave Singapore come back once they leave.  She didn’t seem to want to come back either but she told me she would come and see me in Kobe so hope that’ll happen!









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