Day 7 in Edinburgh – Beautiful Sceneries of Scottish Borders


Oh, here as well?  Here, too?  That’s what I’ve been thinking finding a new place that hurts after that fall. Still, at least, as a whole, it’s getting better every day.  My husband went away on a business trip for a couple of nights and I have nothing on today and tomorrow so I’ll stay home taking it easy and I should be fine soon.


Every day my husband says to me, “Have you uploaded a new blog?  How many?   Please do more!”  He’s been enjoying reading my blog so much, he tells me.  I suppose we are re-living our holiday, I by writing my blog and he by reading it – all the beautiful sceneries, good meals (and some bad ones…) and fun time we had with our friends and families.  More and more often we are reminded that nothing lasts forever and we don’t know how long we can travel – not just travelling of course – so we should enjoy what we enjoy as much as we can while we can.



After the lunch and the walk in Peebles, we went back to our cars and drove in the beautiful sceneries of Scottish Borders.  When we were in Scotland 20 years ago, there were 2 places that impressed me with the beautiful sceneries and they were Glenco and Borders, we were able to visit both of them again this time. 























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