Flower Class


It’s been thundering today.  I guess we’ll start having thunder more often now.

今朝は今月のCARPO Fleuristeでのお花のレッスンでした。今日は、先生がパリで習われたヴァンソン・レサール先生のテット・ア・テットという頭を平らに揃えるタイプ(外側はかすかに下がる)のシャンペトルを習いました、初めてです。ダリアの頭を揃えて他の花材で動きを出している、とのことでした。花材は、ダリア、シンホリカルポス(白い実)、フウセントウワタ、バラの実、ベビーハンズ。

This morning, I took a flower lesson.  The lesson was to make a type of Champetre (French style bouquet) called Tete-a-Tete” – the first time for me.  The flowers were Dahlia, White Snowberries, Wild Cotton, Rose Berries, Rose Hip & Baby Hands (raspberry greens).


They all have quite thick stems so it was sort of hard to hold when there were many of them.  Although the teacher advised me to hold it on lower position and I tried to it wasn’t easy, my hand kept slipping up without me noticing it.  The flower heads in the middle tend to slip down, too.


I think the bouquet looks quite stylish.  The dahlia is very dark red and others are white or very bright green so it wasn’t possible to get photos of all visible, the dahlia came up too dark even after editing.


It’s the season for dahlias already.  Although we have no seasons in Singapore, I can feel the change of the season from the flowers that are imported here.













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