Spaghetti Carbonara



We got hold of some Guanciale so I cooked Spaghetti Carbonara.  The last time when we had it my husband cooked it perfectly, but mine today was far from perfect.  When I tried a small bit of Guanciale, it was so salty.  The recipe uses Pancetta, my husband used bacon (it wasn’t very salty one) and I was using Guanciale so I decided to reduce the added salt to a little more than a half of the quantity of the recipe because a whole amount looked too much for 2 of us.  As I rendered the fat it shrunk and didn’t look that much and there wasn’t as much oil as I thought I’ll get, which resulted in not much flavour to the pasta when I mixed it with the oil and Guanciale.  There was hardly any salty flavour either so I had to add quite a lot of salt.  I should have trusted Genaro’s recipe!  Also I think 80g spaghetti is enough for each of us, 100g was too much, it’s quite heavy because of the egg and Parmesan cheese, even though it uses no cream.

Hopefully I’ll do better next time.








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